Mes tableaux n'ont de valeur que par le regard des autres...

Serge Amarger first enrolled at the school of decorative arts of Limoges, and then after training in the restoration of works of artin Narbonne, he moved to Toulouse, then to Châtel-Montagne. A village of artists located in the Bourbonnaise mountains in the Allier.
A trained watercolourist, this figurative painter also engages inmany techniques such as pastel, ink, oil...
The asbtraction is a way to constant question his work with curiosity.
Through non-figurative painting, he expresses new emotions ans pictoral ewperiences that grow within the creations, without using the well-known codes of realism.
Serge Amarger now leaves the Auvergne for a new destination: MONTDRAGON ( 20 minutes south of Albi).
Courses, as well as internships will be offered:


SIAC - Marseille 13
Salle des Editions - Gordes 84
art3f - Lyon 69
Art en Capital - Grand Palais - Paris 16e
Hôtel de Maleville - Sarlat 24
Salon international - Bourges 18 1er Prix
Groupe 9+ - Montluçon 03
Artistes d'Auvergne - Clermont-Ferrand 63
Carrefour des Arts - Chamalières 63 1er Prix
Les Arts Abstraits - Crillon le Brave 84
Salon international - Meillant 18
Les arts Bourbonnais - Vichy 03 1er Prix