A Master in the world of imaginary symbols

Born in les Sables d'Olonne (Vendée, France).

After being a student at Ecole des Arts Decoratifs and at Ecole des

Beaux arts (The High school of Fine Arts ) in Paris, he was a stained

glass painter in Chartres, Tours and Paris. His first private

exhibition was at Galery CARMINE in 1946.

His early work belongs to the so called "Reality Poetique" movement.

Then, as he had never entered an agreement with a particular gallery,

the free-lance painter was at liberty to approach his art in search of

greater depth, enhancing the fascination of what in unreal in images of

truly poetic drama drawn with peerless perfection.

In his prophetic vision he introduces us to the unknown and the

unconscious in our souls. We behold his mind 'eye in his seascapes at

low ebb, his deserted Palaces with statues living an inside life, his

empty cities opposing modern and past...This part of his art suggest

"Symbolic surrealism". His last period.

He has taken part in the main annual art exhibitions in Paris such as the Salons

"Les Grands et les Jeunes" (The Great and the Young),

"Les Peintres témoins de leur temps" (Painters : witness of their time),

Trois Dimentions (Three dimensions),

Comparaisons, Peinture à l'eau, ...

He is responsible also of many